Flow Sensing


A flow sensor measures the flow of your sprinkler system.


Controller Link not only reports current water use, but can be programmed to either interrupt watering or warn you of a high-flow condition, typically caused by a broken pipe.



How does Controller Link Smart Irrigation work with your Flow Sensor
How it Works



As water flows through, Controller Link logs the amount of water being used for each watering cycle.

Reports are generated automatically and can be accessed at the Controller Link or on-line through Weather Reach Access.


Controller Link is compatible with the following brands and models:

Creative Sensor Technologies

- FSI - T10-001 1"
- FSI - T15-001 1 1/2"
- FSI - T20-001 2"
- Pathway Wire Sharing System

Badger Meter (Data Industrial)


- 735 PV 3/4" S40
- 735 PV 3/4" SDR21
- 735 PV 1" S40
- 228 PV15 1 1/2"
- 228 PV20 2"
- 228 PV30 3"
- 228 PV40 4"

Netafim Hydrometer


- Hydrometer PHD 1 1/2"
- Hydrometer PHD 2"
- Hydrometer PHD 3"
- Hydrometer PHD 4"
Stop the water flow with a CST flow sensor


Flow Sensor Monitoring
CST Pathway


The Pathway provides a cost efficient method to add flow monitoring and control to installed systems where existing pavement,hardscape or other landscape features make convenient wiring prohibitively expensive.

CST has solved this problem with the Pathway wire sharing device. This system contains two electronic modules, one installs at the irrigation controller and the other existing zone valve box close to the proposed location of the flow sensor and master valve. This zone acts as the "host" valve and allows the Pathway to use its control wire and common as a pathway path. The Pathway system transmits the flow sensor signal and control both the zone valve and the new master valve over the existing wire.



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