Weather Reach Access

Remotely manage your sprinkler system with  Controller Link from your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Weather Reach Access is an optional subscription service with multiple benefits.



Save Time

Check irrigation schedules, change settings, or track water use anywhere you are.

Always updated

When there's a problem. Controller Link notifies you via email. Your customers can also receive watering notices in their email

Instant Access to Everything

Monitor water use in real time, generate watering reports, and view or modify settings.




Have quick and easy access to the following information:

Status: Current moisture levels, last watering event, and next estimated watering day.

Email Alerts: Receive notifications and alerts for high flow, no flow, watering events, weather interruptions, and/or system problems

Flow Graphs: Graphically display flow sensors records, and report total water use.

Logs: Total watering days, display watering history in calendar or table format.

Settings: View and modify settings.

Prevent Watering: Delay watering, or shut-off all watering for a period of time.

Allow Watering: Override current schedule to allow next cycle to irrigate

How it works

Controller Link reports status, settings and logs to the Cloud.

Users log onto their personal accounts to view and modify information.


Don't have an account?

Aleady have an account?

Weather Reach Access gives you controll over your sprinkler settings 


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