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Controller Link Smart Water Controller

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Controller Link Smart Controller Programming


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Controller Link needs to be connected to the internet. Will you be using Wi-Fi or Cat5 Ethernet? You may need to have a discussion with someone familiar with the Internet service at the property. Learn More about connecting Controller Link to the internet.

Inspect the host controller and mounting location to determine where you will be installing your Controller Link and where the wires will be running.

Connect Your Controller Link Smart Irrigation Controller to the Internet
Mounting & Wiring
A Controller Link Quick Start Guide comes with your Controller Link with mounting and wiring instructions. A wiring diagram may help answer any questions. Please feel free to watch the tutorials.
User Guides

PDF icon final Controller Link Quick Start Guide

PDF icon final Controller Link Users Guide

PDF icon final Controller Link Setting Worksheet

Application Notes

PDF icon final Controller Link Internet Connection

PDF icon final Controller Link & CST Pathway


Model Numbers
CLw Weather Reach Wi-Fi Controller Link
CLe Weather Reach Ethernet Controller Link
Power Supply
20 to 30-volt AC
Valve Common Contact Load:
4 Amp maximum @ 30-Volt AC
Operating Temperature Range
4 Amp maximum @30=Volt AC
Terminal Wire Gauge:
14 to 20 AWG
Sensor Wire Gauge:
20 to 30-volt AC
Program Start Sensor:
10 to 18 AWG
Operating Modes:
Program Start (Typical)
Water Window
ET Pulse - OUtput to compatible ET Controller
ET Trigger
Program Start Sensor
4 programs Input to 20 to 30 volts AC
Tipping Rain Gauge Sensor Voltage:
Flow Sensor
Type: Variable frequency
Excitation Voltage: 9 VDC
Maximum sensor current: 40 milliamp
Maximum sensor frequency: 400 Hz
Minimum pulse width: 1 millisecond
RJ-45 10/100BASE-T, TCP/IP, DHCP
802.11 b/g Secure authentication - WEP-128, WPA-PSK
Micro AB-OTG
Wall mount, weatherproof, UV - Impact resistant
5" wide X 8" high X 2" deep (12.7 x 20.3 x 5.1 cm)


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