Beautiful Lawns and Gardens, while conserving water by letting your sprinkler timer talk to the weather.
Your lawns and Gardens stay beautiful by letting your sprinkler controller talk to the weather. Climate Controlled Irrigation
Beautiful lawn and gardens improve our quality of life. Gardening is one of the top five hobbies in America.  We enjoy beautiful flowers, majestic trees, lush green lawns, and the variety of texture, color and scents from plants.  Trees clean the air; grasses protect our soils, we all eat because of plants. We are committed to beautiful, healthy landscapes and water use effiency.

Weather Reach
Sustains Beautiful Landscapes.

Controller Link

Controller Link is a simple upgrade for existing sprinkler timers to provide climate controlled irrigation. Controller Link saves water by managing irrigation, based on real-time weather conditions.

Why Weather Reach?

Who Benefits from Weather Reach?
Commitment to Beauty

When lawns and gardens look beautiful, you know people care. Commitment to beautiful landscapes quietly speaks of commitment to community, guest and family, and it feels good!

"Green Friendly"

People appreciate a water conservation ethic.  A commitment to efficient water use and healthy plants can be achieved with proper water management.  Plants are healthier when they get the right amount of water, when they need it.

Plants Need Air and Water

Water sustains beautiful landscapes, but often plants get too much water. Sometimes we overlook that plant roots need both water and air. The best way to water is deep and less frequently. The soil should begin to dry out, drawing air into the soil, before watering again.

Know When to Water

Efficient water use is not easy; if it was people would be saving more water.  To water efficiently takes a lot of time and effort. Weather Reach Smart Irrigation Control does the work for you by monitoring climate conditions to know when to water.

Smart Water Management

Climate controlled irrigation has been used for decades on farms, golf courses, parks and schools.  Weather Reach Smart Irrigation Control provides a cost effective solution so you can enjoy the efficient water use and sustain beautiful healthy landscapes.