Sprinkler Controllers that talk to the weather. Beautiful Lawns and Gardens with water savings of 30% or more
Let your Sprinkler Controller talk to the Weather - Smart Irrigation Control for water savings up starting at 30%
The beautiful lawns and gardens at your properties send a message about your values. You are responsible to care for landscape assets while managing utility resources.  Let us help you improve landscape water management with climate controlled irrigation to conserve water and sustain healthy landscapes.

Sprinkler Control that talks to the weather. Smart Irrigation Control

Controller Link

Controller Link is a simple upgrade for existing sprinkler timers to provide climate controlled irrigation.  Controller Link saves water by managing irrigation, based on real-time weather conditions.

Stop your Sprinkler Controller from watering in the rain. Smart Irrigation Control that talks to the weatherRain Station

Rain Stations enhance a weather station network by recording localized rainfall measurements that are shared throughout a community.

Lower Water Bills
Conserve Water
Beautiful Landscapes
Protect Landscape Assets

One of the most important assets at your properties is the grounds.  Flowers, grass, trees, shrubbery enhance outdoor space and welcome visitors.  Proper landscape water management is essential to beautiful healthy lawns and gardens.

Lower Water Bills

Often landscapes are over-watered because conventional sprinkler timers don't self-adjust based on climate conditions. Climate controlled irrigation eliminates wasteful over-watering. Use less water and still have a beautiful healthy landscape.

Climate Controlled Irrigation

Conserving water is not easy; the weather keeps changing. Weather Reach smart irrigation control uses climate conditions to know when and how to water. Landscapes are irrigated efficiently and according to best horticultural practices. Setup is simple, and then Weather Reach automatically manages watering schedules.

Remote Management

You need visibility and access to irrigation systems. Weather Reach Access provides Internet-based remote management of your irrigation systems. Monitor water use, react to site specific schedule needs and receive email notifications if problems occur.

Flow Sensing

Peter Druker said, “What gets measured gets managed.” Flow sensors enable Controller Link to record water use and shut-off the system if a pipe breaks.