Sprinkler Controllers that talk to the weather - Smart Irrigation Control for beautiful lawns and gardens
Sprinkler Controllers that talk to the weather - Water Managers, save time and money with Controlled Irrigation
Weather Reach Smart Irrigation Control saves time and money, conserves water and sustains healthy landscapes. Let us help you provide smart water management to your customers.
Smart Water Management

Take the guess-work out of water management.  Climate controlled irrigation automatically adjust irrigation schedules.

Customer Service

Customers expect beautiful landscaping and efficient water use.  Automating irrigation based on climate conditions reduces watering waste while keeping lawns and gardens healthy and beautiful.

Save Time

There is no need to send your crews out to reprogram sprinkler controllers when the weather changes. Weather Reach does it for you, automatically!

Simple and Reliable

Weather Reach products know when and how to water landscapes efficiently and according to best horticultural practices.  Setup is simple, then Weather Reach manages watering schedules.

Sustainable Solution

Weather Reach water management is built to last. ET Weather data from accurate, high-quality, well maintained weather stations controls irrigation at thousands of properties.

Cost Effective

Weather Reach conserves water by improving scheduling efficiency. You save time because irrigation schedules are automatically adjusted when the weather changes.