Weather Stations

Climate condtions affect plant water use.  ET Weather Stations report the factors affecting evaporation and rainfall. Weather Reach Water Management devlivers data from pression ET Weather Stations that are well maintained.  

You can have the peace of mind knowing your irrigation us being controlled with accurate real-time information.

Weather Reach Server

Weather Reach Servers collect, store and manage weather data.

Weather Reah Providers maintain weather station networks and provide the data.  In the interest of water conservation some Providers manage networks as a public service.  Commercial providers offer subscriptions to save money, improve water management and conserve water.  


Weather data reaches smart controllers and water managers using several communuication systems.
  • Internet - Controller Links retreive data through Wi-Fi or on-site Cat5 network connections.
  • Weather Reach Signal - is a wireless broadcast of hourly weather condtions. Weather Reach Receivers and Rain Bird ET Managers receive the signal carried by one-way paging systems.
  • Browsers - Water managers and the public can view weather conditions and watering information from their computer or smart phone.

Smart Controllers

  • Controller Link

Weather Reach Signal
  • Rain Bird ET Managers
  • WR-7 and WR1 Weather Reach Receivers