Tipping Rain Gauge

On-Site Rain Reporting
Rain alerts. The tipping rain gauge alerts your Controller Link as soon as the rain drops 1mm of water and then continues to measure the amount of rainfall.

Total Rainfall Calculations
Total rainfall amounts are calculated and sent to your Controller Link Smart Controller where those amounts are added to your (ET) values so your sprinkler system doesn't start watering again just because it has stopped raining. The rate of water that has soaked into your soil and the rate of evaporation is then determined so your sprinkler timer knows when to turn back on and water again.


Rain is measured as it runs through a funnel at the top of the rain collector into a self-emptying spoon.  The spoon automatically tips and is emptied as soon as a millimeter of rain is collected.

Detailed log reports can be accessed at the Controller Link or on-line by using Weather Reach Access.


The WR-PRG is durable and weatherproof resisting the sun's UV radiation and extreme frost and heat temperatures.

Measurements are accurate to 1mm per tip, and have a maximum deviation of +/- 2%.

A mounting bracket and 30' cable is included with gauge.  

The electronic printed circuit board with individually tested and high quality reed switches is protected against extreme weather conditions such as extreme frost or heat. This include corrosion from salt water due to the PCB is coated with weather-resistant varnish.NC—Normally closed, NO—Normally open Terminal strip, 4 connections / 2 outlets) and 2 reed switches, connected-up in series by 1 k Ω 1/4W resistor.

The rain gauge is mainly made in molded modified high-impact polystyrene also known as STYROSUN which is a highly weather-resistant polymer that reduces breakdown and discoloration.

STYROSUN which has passed the Arizona test is extremely resistant against the sun’s UV radiation and it is frost- and heat resistant standing all climatically conditions.

STYROSUN is resistant to common household cleaners, recyclable and easily decorated.

Dimensions: 3.95" x 1.98" x 3.95" (100mm x 80mm x 100mm)


 WR-PRG -  Pronamic* Tipping Rain Gauge (1mm/ tip) w/ 30' Cable & Mounting Bracket

* Pronamic Co. Ltd.

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Pronamic Tipping Rain Gauge

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