Controller Link Supports Flow Sensing

“What gets measured gets managed.”

Peter Druker

Water Use Reporting
Don’t wait for the water bill.  With a flow sensor installed, water use is logged by Controller Link.  Detailed water use records can be reviewed from your Controller Link or through Weather Reach Access.

High-Flow Shut-off
Broken pipes waste water and can cause significant property damage.  With a flow sensor connected to your Controller Link valves will be shut down if the flow rate is too high.  Weather Reach Access will also send you an email alerting you of the problem.

No Flow Alert
If the sprinkles don’t come on because an automatic valve doesn’t open or the supply line is off, Controller Link will alert you that watering never happened.  Once again, with Weather Reach Access you will get an email alerting you of the problem.


A flow sensor measures the rate of flow in a sprinkler system.  Controller Link uses this information to accurately log the flow rate and the amount of water being used during each watering cycle.  Detailed log reports can be accessed at the Controller Link or on-line by using Weather Reach Access.

Controller Link can be programmed to either interrupt watering or warn you of a high-flow condition, typically caused by a broken pipe.

If a valve does not come on when expected, you will be alerted by Controller Link.

With a flow sensor installed, the tools in Weather Reach Access make it easier to see more detailed information including flow charts.  Weather Reach Access also sends email notifications when there is a problem.


Flow Sensors Available from Irrisoft

Creative Sensor Technologies

Model Description
FSI-T10-001 1" CST Tee Mounted Flow Sensor
FSI-T15-001 1-1/2" CST Tee Mounted Flow Sensor
FSI-T20-001 2" CST Tee Mounted Flow Sensor
PWY-400 Pathway Wire Sharing System

Controller Link supports other compatible Flow Sensors:

Badger Meter (Data Industrial)

Netafim Hydrometer (PDH Register)

CST Pathway

Your sprinkler system upgraded to efficient irrigation control with flow sensing can be better with CST PathwayThe PWY - 400 provides a reliable, low cost method to add flow monit oring and control to installed systems where existing pavement, hardscape or other landscape features make conventional wiring prohibitively expensive.

Property owners and managers are looking to upgrade irrigation systems with controllers featuring smar t technology in order to conserve water. At the same time these systems could benefit from the addition of a flow sensor and master valve to monitor and control flow, detect leaks or stuck valves and reduce waste. However, the cost of installing new wire through existing landscape is so high that this valuable asset is often eliminated from the job.

Creative Sensor Technology has solved this problem with the Pathway wire sharing device. This system contains two electronic modules; one installs at the irrigation controller and the other in an existing zone valve box close to the proposed location of the flow sensor and master valve. This zone valve acts as the “ host ” valve and allows the Pathway to use its control wire and common as a communication pa th. The Pathway system transmits the flow sensor signal and controls both the zone valve and the new master valve over the existing wires. A minor amount of wire will be needed to connect the new flow sensor and master valve to the “host” valve box. The Pathway is completely invisible to the irrigation controller. The existing zone valve and added devices function as if wired conventionally.

New Creative Sensor Technology announces a retrofit flow sensor to your existing irrigation system without adding wires.

The Pathway

Wire sharing system

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