Weather Reach Cuts Water Bills at Ipswich Country Club

Weather Reach Climate Controlled Irrigation Cuts Water Bills in Ipswich Country Club The ipswich Country Club is located in Ipswich, Massachusetts, a town rich in history and beautiful scenery.
The Pitchpine Woodlands provide a luch backdrop for the course and neighborhood.  The natural beauty of the surroundings flow seamlessly into Frank Rubino's landscape.
But the cost of these serene surroundings is going up. Water rates increased by 50% and that had Runino wondering how he could reduce his rising water bill. Rubino turned to his local water manager, Aquasave, who recommended the Weather Reach Water Management System.

Using current weather conditions and measured rainfall with on onsite rain gauge, Weather Reach was able to cut Rubino's water nearly in half. 
"As you know our town's water rates increased by 50% this summer... Aside from the financial benefit, the Weather Reach Receiver could prove to be the only way we can continue using irrigation systems in the future." said Rubino.
Aquasave, who fitted Weather Reach to Rubino's needs, chose Weather Reach because of its ability to measuer the amount of rain their clients landscape receives.  Weather Reach goes beyond merely shutting off your sprinklers during a rainstorm.  It measures rain to calculate the amount of water needed by your landscape keeping your sprinklers off longer. The decision paid off for Rubino.
"Thus far the system has reduced water usage by exactly 50% from the same period last year," said Rubino, "and my lawn looks as good, if not better than ever."
Installed: May 2003
% Saved: 43%
Water Saved: 910,000 Gals
Water Use:
2002 - 2,140,000
2004 - 1,230,000

May to October 2003 compared to the same period in 2002
Using regional weather stations the Weather Reach WR7 receiver accounts for solar energy, temperature, humidity, wind and effective rainfall.  This enables the system to accurately provide the right amount of water automatically.
"The challenge in area like Ipswich", said Jim Rolfe, owner of Aquasave, "is the amount of rain we receive.  You have to work with mother nature to achieve a beautiful landscape."
The Easy to read display and simple menu make it easy to access weather information important to him. With current weather conditions at your finger-tips, the Weather Reach WR7 becomes a handy weather readout device. Rubino can check the current temperatures and see how muchrain has fallen at the touch of a button all while the WR7 controls his sprinklers.  Rubino like the fact that he does not have to worry about the changing weather.  The Weather Reach Water Management System does it all for them. It saves time, money and water. Most importantly it provides you with the beautiful landscape you want.
From Humid, wet cimate like Ipswich to a dry hot climate like Las Vegas, Weather Reach will assure your landscape stays healthy by receiving the water it needs.