Controller Link
Controller Link is a simple upgrade for existing sprinkler timers to provide climate controlled irrigation. Controller Link saves water by managing irrigation, based on real-time weather conditions.

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Who Benefits from Weather Reach?


Smart Water Management

“ Deeper, less frequent watering will grow plants with healthier and more extensive roots so plants are more resilient to stress and drier conditions” 
Saving Water Partnership – Seattle Public Utilities
To keep plants healthy, proper landscape water management will maintain soil moisture at optimum levels.  Saturated soil starves the roots of essential oxygen.  The soil must be allowed to dry out, not to a wilt point, but enough to get air to the roots.  To promote a deep, healthy root system, best horticultural practices recommend deep, less frequent watering.  Watering frequency should be managed in response to changing weather conditions and rainfall.
The Soil Reservoir
Soil is a reservoir that retains water for plants.  The capacity of the soil reservoir is based on root depth and soil type.  For example, a ½” of water will soak into a loamy soil about 6” deep.
Several terms helps us understand soil moisture content:
  • Saturation – Pore spaces in the soil are filled with water.  There is no air in the root zone.  If left in this condition too long, roots will go to the surface to breathe or the plant dies.
  • Wilt Point – This is the other extreme.  No water, left like this to long plant will die.
  • Field Capacity – When soil is saturated water begins to drain.  Once drainage stops the soil is holding as much water as it can.  But just like a sponge, there is still plenty of water in the soil. 
  • Allowed Depletion – To draw air into the root zone, the soil should be allowed to dry out to a managed allowed level.  Once evaporation depletes about half the soil moisture it is time to water.
Moisture Balance
Weather Reach Smart Irrigation Control products manage irrigation schedules by using the Moisture Balance method.  A Moisture Balance represents soil moisture based on evaporation (ET), rain and irrigation.  Rain and irrigation add moisture to the soil, while evaporation depletes water from the soil.
Controller Link
A Controller Link's home screen displays the current moisture level.  This makes it easy to track soil moisture.  When the moisture level is “empty” (Allowed Depletion) it is time to water.  Irrigation and rain fill the soil moisture reservoir.  

In this example NO watering is needed for Program A & B. Program C is ready to water and Program D just finished watering.  
Plants are healthier and water waste is reduced.