Lakeside at Deer Valley

Lakeside at Deer Valley Condominiums is located at the Snow Park base in Park City, Utah. At 7500 feet elevation, in a sub-alpine desert, summers are very hot and winters are very cold. Controller Link keeps the landscape beautiful and reduces the overall time spent managing irrigation.

Controller Link
Controller Link is a simple upgrade for existing sprinkler timers to provide climate controlled irrigation.  Controller Link saves water by managing irrigation, based on real-time weather conditions.

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Dereks Lawn and Landscaping
Park City, Utah
(435) 940-9229

"The property not only looks better, but we spent much less timechanging run times and working with rain delays."
"Dub" Wilson
Dereks Landscaping
The Weather Reach Water Management System helps beautify and protect this landscape that has multiple types of plants and shrubs in a fickle environment.
The challenge was irrigating a landscape riddled with various slopes, (many 30 degrees or more) exposures to extreme climates, plant types, and watering restrictions placed by the city.  Struggling with an outdated irrigation system, contractors were constantly adjusting irrigation and over-saturating many areas, essentially wasting water, a very precious resource in the Park City area.
After a water audit and a tune-up of the irrigation system, Derek’s Lawn and Landscaping, purchased Controller Link in hopes of reducing time spent changing watering schedules to keep the grass green.  They were looking for a product that would work for the numerous properties they manage and wanted every owner to feel like their property was the only one.
Controller Link uses site specific settings that are based on plants, landscape conditions and types of soil.  The irrigation moisture balance uses the rate of evaporation calculated from weather data collected hourly from local ET weather stations. By allowing the water to evaporate between watering cycles, air gets to the roots so they can use nutrients from the soil before watering again.
“The property not only looks better, but we spent much less time changing run times and working with rain delays.  The Controller Link has been very successful.  Over time we believe that Lakeside at Deer Valley will continue to save water and will keep us in good standing with Park City.” according to Dub Wilson of Derek’s Lawn and Landscaping.

Using the Weather Reach Access remote management tool for their Controller Link, Derek’s Lawn and Landscape now make changes to settings, view logs and monitor the status of the overall irrigation system.  Weather Reach Access works with smart phones, tablets, and computers where Internet access is available.  Derek’s Lawn and Landscaping has several Controller Links, so all of their properties can be managed from one Weather Reach Access account, making the process even easier and more convenient to use.  With 4 separate programs, Controller Link gives them the power of total management of their irrigation.