Weather Reach Access

Remote Management Saves Time
Simplify water management by logging in to your Weather Reach Access account to check irrigation schedules, manage settings and track water use. Weather Reach Access is an optional service to expand your water management services.

Email Notifications
Let Weather Reach Access monitor your irrigation system.  When there is a problem an email will be sent to you or your foreman. Customers can receive watering notices, so they know Controller Link is watering efficiently.

Provide water use reports
Today we expect more. We need instant access to information. Irrigation water management in no exception. Don't wait for the water bill, monitor water use in real time. Weather Reach Access lets you use your smart phone, tablet or PC to manage landscape water use.


When you log into your Weather Reach Access account you have quick access to information. As a water manager you can easily see system information and react to site specific needs.

Status– At a glance view the current moisture levels, when the last watering took place and the estimated next water day.

Email Alerts - Set up email accounts to receive notifications and alerts:
  • High Flow
  • No Flow
  • Watering events
  • Weather Interupts
  • System Problems

Flow Graphs – Select a time period to graphically display flow sensor records and report total water use.

Logs – Total water days are reported for each program.  Watering history can be viewed in calendar or table formats. 

Settings - View and modify settings.

Prevent Watering – Delay watering by program or shut-off all watering for a period of time.

Allow Watering – Override the current schedule to allow next cycle to irrigate.

How Does it Work?

Controller Link regularly reports status, settings and logs to the Weather Reach Access Server.  You log in to the Weather Reach Access Server to view and modify information. Controller Link also checks the Weather Reach Access Server for any changes to settings. The Weather Reach Access Server:
  • Keeps your network secure
  • Simplifies Controller Link setup
  • Expands data storage
  • Improves information management

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Controller Link
Controller Link is a simple upgrade for existing sprinkler timers to provide climate controlled irrigation. Controller Link saves water by managing irrigation, based on real-time weather conditions.